Aderita Silva

Aderita was born in 1958 in Almancil Portugal. At a very early age her family moved to Paris where she lived and studied for over 30 years. It was in Paris that Aderita began her artistic development, where she worked in marketing, style and the development of the arts. Her passion for painting has led her to a new world full of new sensations and emotions.

Aderita uses abstract art to express her impressions and feelings on Canvas in a search for aesthetics and elegance which could also be interoperated as a fashion statement of art. The use of her colours as well as her technique for the movement of the brush or palette is where the emotional expression is conveyed to the canvas. Aderita also carries out different cultural workshops and classes which appeal to the creative sense of all generations.

Aderita is a founding member of PAS - Peace and Art Society (International Association of Artists).


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