Alejos Lorenzo Vergara

Alejos Lorenzo Vergara is a self-taught artist, in the painting of Alejos we can see influences of various stylistic trends, such as pop art, naive or Japanese Ukiyo-e styles. They are spots of pure, distinct colors, playing together harmoniously creating subtle landscapes.

Alejos exacerbates the colour of nature to go beyond the limit of realistic figuration, plunging us into a world of Technicolor fantasy. However, despite the chromatic affinity with the Fauves, his landscapes are at ease, close to induce a contemplative Zen state, which approximates their vision to the pictorial tradition of Japanese Ukiyo-e style. Decorativism opens the way to the spiritual, as we have already been taught of the Nabis style painters, but Alejos does not need to resort to exotic lands or Haitian primitivism to venture into the purity of the pigment and the essentiality of shapes. It places us in space and time without any past.

“It is primarily a lyrical, imaginative, lively, evocative and particularly striking painting, with which this artist reminds us that art is above all creation, interpretation, not a simple copy of reality, emphasizing that the world must represented, not only as it is, but also how it feels”. Carlos Barcón, Art critic, member of the Royal Galician Academy of Fine Arts.

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