by Mike Shorer

Mike Shorer recently finished an unusual objet d'art for a private client which exhibits several techniques that are rarely seen these days. The butterfly is about 7.5x7.5cm (3in x 3in) and is made from "Reflections" Silver and 18 carat gold, set with pink tourmalines, London Blue Topaz and Brilliant cut diamonds. The translucent duo-tone blue enamel is both champleve and basse-taille and has the most remarkable depth and luminosity. The entire piece is mounted "en tremblant" on 18 carat gold plated sprung steel wires attached to a hand carved weighted ebonized mahogany base. To bring the piece "to life", one blows very gently onto its wings and the butterfly trembles and moves up and down as if in flight. This is such a beautiful concept that Mike is hoping to do many more, as the mix of gems and enamel colours are endless.

Each piece is totally handmade and Mike can use any gems that you require and any enamel colours. You choose the subject it can be butterflies, beetles, dragonflies, etc. or even fantasy creatures. The size of the subject can differ, consequently each one will need to be priced on application.

Price: POA  (please contact us for more information)


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Mike Shorer

About the Artist

Mikes family have been associated with the jewellery trade for over 250 years and he started making jewellery when he was eleven years old. With the help of his mother, an accomplished artist who taught him how to get his ideas on to paper and his father who taught him various metalworking techniques, Mike has been letting his imagination run around ever since...