Marilyn Monroe's "subway" dress: The most valuable piece of movie memorabilia ever auctioned.

Collectables are items of limited supply that are sought for a variety of reasons including a possible increase in value. In a financial sense, collectables can be viewed as a hedge against inflation. Over time, their value can also increase as they become more rare due to loss, damage or destruction.

Whether it's connected to films, music, royalty, sport or another area, memorabilia has the power to command huge interest and huge returns.

It's all a matter of differentiating between the fly-by-night stars and the long-term investments, those individuals and events that will be remembered decades from now. These are the Blue Chip investments.

Reasons to Invest:

Diversity: Investing in memorabilia is one of the most unlimited and varied collectibles categories - with endless opportunities for you as an investor.

Growing demand: Today's celebrity driven culture ensures a huge demand for memorabilia, prompting values to surge for the key players in film, music and royalty.

Finite supply: Growing demand is met by a finite supply of props, as the increasing use of computer-generated effects has led to a shortage of tangible items from movie studios.

Please select your collectible:

Crystal Cave
By Michelle Alexander

Diamond Dust Limited Edition
By Kitty Arden

Series of Eight Etchings
By Kitty Arden

Cultural Artifacts
By Sylvia B. Ganancia

The Gathering
By Philippe de Kraan

Durham Bulls
By Pietro Psaier

James Bond Thunderball
By Pietro Psaier

Force of Nature II
By Lorenzo Quinn

By Mike Shorer

Rock Box
By Phil Wainman