Contemporary Art

BENEZRA i Gallery has a reputation for introducing exciting contemporary painting and sculpture from international and UK based artists. Drawing from an impressive stable of established and emerging artists Benezra strives to represent artists whose unique work transcends the aesthetic and challenges the intellect. Many of Benezra´s artists are represented in public, corporate and private collections.

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Anna Louise Andersen

Alicia Czerniak

Pascale Fey

Sara FitzGerald

Jordi Forniés

Harry Holland

Philippe de Kraan

Cindy Lass

Alejos Lorenzo Vergara

Sneh Mehta

Marife Nuñez

Cerasela Pop

Sonya Radan

Michelle Rose Key

Ian Rayer-Smith

Eric Sher

Aderita Silva

Alexandra Spyratos

Ognian Zekoff