Cultural Artifacts

by Sylvia B. Ganancia

A beautifully presented display of cultural and traditional artefact's that are eye-catching and will immediately arouse the interest and excitement of many a collector. These wonderful almost life like “one of pieces” by artist-Sculptor Sylvia B. Ganancia have painstakingly been created with a phenomenal amount of attention to detail.

They are made from Acrylic material, metal and mixed media, wood-resin and combining LED lighting and music to enhance the mood of the piece and have an atmospheric and almost etheric presence. The purpose of these pieces are to make the viewer think hard about their past and to visualize the way the world was in biblical times, let alone the ascetic beauty of each individual sculpture.

Pieces available:
“Aron HaKodesh” 140 x 110cm
“Ark of the Covenant” 125 x 145cm
“Hanukkah” 150 x 150cm
“Mosque” 195 x 135cm
“The Gates of the Third Temple” 150 x 150cm
“Esther” 80 x 100cm

Price: POA  (please contact us for more information)


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Sylvia B. Ganancia

About the Artist

Sylvia was born in Paris in 1951 and came from a family of artists. As an artist painter-sculptor, musician, writer and being creative since her youth Sylvia knew how to create her own visual vocabulary. A part of her art can be analysed as a search of synthesis between the abstract and the figurative! Through various elements which make up her paintings there emerges...