David Ross Elliott


Irish born in Dublin with his roots of a Russian Jewish background (3rd generation). People say “I look 'Black Irish”, with black hair and an olive complexion giving people the impression his roots are more like of Spanish decent.

He is a keen Photographer & Director but has spent many years working in the music business, managing artists and producing records. A lot of people think he is famous! All his life he seemed to have attracted looks from men & women, young & old, or he gets stopped in the street by people, thinking they know him from TV or else they think he’s in a band. He loves a good laugh and can naturally do a few different strong Irish accents. His natural voice has been described as a 'Mid-Atlantic' accent, having lived in London for more than 20 years. If there's anything that leaves an impression on the media, it's his unique voice. He enjoys reading and writing and is extremely well travelled. David also enjoys lecturing and presenting too.


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