Ed Chapman

Ed Chapman is one of the UK's leading mosaic artists. His style is instantly recognisable achieving incredible detail through hours of painstaking effort, making works from all manner of materials from sugar cubes or vitreous glass to recycled paper and coins.

In his instantly recognisable style he is best known for the incredibly detailed results he achieves with his ceramic and stone works, painstakingly creating his subjects using hundreds of fragments of hand-cut tile.

As well as undertaking corporate commissions and projects for among others Eidos Games, Cadbury’s, UK Revolution Bars and the South African Coin Exchange, Ed has created mosaics for the likes of Oxfam and Cancer Research and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museums on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ed is the only contemporary artist to have work at Cancer Research’s Abbey Road auction, where in 2009 his ceramic portrait of John Lennon raised £6000 and in 2011 his unique portrait of Jimi Hendrix made from more than 3000 Fender plectrums sold for £23000.

Ed has exhibited throughout the UK and across Europe and the USA in New York and California and his work has a number of high profile collectors including renowned musicians, UK pop stars, England footballers, even Lemmy from Motorhead and has received widespread media coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky TV and international press, newspapers and magazines.

Influenced by many artists such as Chuck Close, Vik Muniz and Robert Rauschenberg, as well being a fan of Jamie Reid and David Mach, Ed also finds inspiration for his works in music and TV.

Ed says: I am having fun with mosaics and exploring their possibilities of this age-old medium. I have long loved mosaics, don’t know exactly why, its part of an obsession of mine in that I strive for a sort of ‘neatness’ and precision and accuracy and attempt to create intricate photo-realist portraits using materials that are clumsy and ordinary in themselves.

"I like it for the first-time viewer to question if the mosaics are, in fact paintings and if not what are they.

"The work is never finished until the last piece is in place and then it has to be finished, there is no going back and retouching it as if with a painting, but I like that aspect."

Commissions on any subject in any medium are always considered.


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