Force of Nature II

by Lorenzo Quinn

Lorenzo Quinn explains the reasoning behind the piece: "After having seen the ravaged coast of Thailand and the Hurricane that affected the Southern States I decided to create a sculpture dedicated to Mother Nature. This would be reminiscent of the early statues made as peace offerings to the Gods in the hope of quenching their anger."

One of Lorenzo Quinn's most iconic pieces, Force of Nature II is a stunning work comprising of a draped female pulling backwards, hopelessly trying to contain Mother Nature's fury.

Force of Nature II is a dramatic representation of the human race's struggle. Quinn comments "We humans think of ourselves as supreme beings, above all others and in absolute control of our destiny and our surroundings. We live with a false sense of security only to be awakened by Mother Nature’s fury, almost as if she needs to remind us of her presence and our responsibility towards her child (The Earth)."

Memo: This piece which has an edition of only 20 is realistically priced well below gallery price. There would be no obligation what so ever in showing to the client without any commitment from their part if based in the UK.

Price: POA  (please contact us for more information)


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Lorenzo Quinn

About the Artist

Son of Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn, Lorenzo Quinn is an artist of exceptional talent who is recognised widely as one of the World's greatest living sculptors. He has produced commissioned work for the United Nations, the Government of Qatar and the Vatican - his work was blessed by the Pope in front of a crowd of 35,000. His work also features in the collections...