Limited Edition Historical Images

A series of the most beautiful postcards from around the globe are now re-cycled and re-created to produce limited edition decorative pieces of art.

The images are meticulously placed on a variety of special oriental papers, precious fabrics such as silk papyri, banana tree leaves taffeta and wild crushed velvets to create a stunning decorative effect.

Images used are from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and North Africa.

All available framed and ready to hang in standard size 100 x 80cm and the larger diptych 100 x 140cm. The frames are produced in Italy & Spain and made from the best natural timbers. We are able to ship worldwide (POA).

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100 x 80cm 950.00 €*
100 x 140cm 1200.00 €*

*Plus minimum shipping charge/Local taxes depending on destination

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North Africa