Isabel Coulton

Parisian born, Isabel Coulton grew up in the bohemian art world of 1960’s France. Her grandmother was a talented painter in oils, her grandfather painted and collected works of art and discovered the now famous Bernard Buffet, whom he exhibited in his Champs Elysee gallery.

Isabel’s home was a fusion of French avant-garde and the practical quiet beauty of early carved furniture, which was her English father’s passion and later to become his specialty. Her mother, Lydia Corbett (nee Sylvette David) was once Pablo Picasso’s muse and now paints in her own right, drawing inspiration from the great master.

Isabel’s love of sculptural creativity must surely also have come from these early years and the influence of Picasso is often appreciated within her work.

Her "Quiet Before Thunder" sculpture made of bronze is modelled on the original woodcarving. They are casts of Lawrence Dallaglio’s actual hands and an actual ball, put together so that the feeling is that the ball is in the process of being caught…the title is ‘Quiet Before Thunder’ as in the collective inhalation and caught breath of the crowd, before the thunder of burley modern day gladiator’s boots bearing down on the catcher. Limited edition of 8 pieces, of which 6 are already sold.


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