Jan Frydrych

Jan’s first designs of artistic objects were created under the influence of the history of Czech glassmaking. Due to the designs for creations in the late seventies Jan started to use optical glass which opened all new possibilities for him.

The material required a different technical approach, which is why he combined traditional techniques of cold grinding with techniques for handling optical glass for technical purposes.

In the eighties he expanded this to laminates, inserting colourful blue sheets of glass and metal micro layers. These complex techniques make possible the realization of his designs, the creation of illusory inner architectural spaces and the so called fourth dimension. These images are, for purposes of lucidity, mostly composed of basic geometric forms such as spheres, cylinders, cubes and cones.

Simultaneously the viewer is able to partially recreate the object according to ones fantasy and imagination. Looking at the pieces in various angles of observation and the natural play of light.

Despite all the possibilities offered by Hi-technology in today’s world it is Jan Frydrych`s own hands that the design and realization of these pieces are created. Using simple materials too such as a pencil, paper and wooden models along with equipment that dates back 200 years.

Jan Frydrych has exhibited in some of the most important galleries and museums in the world including the V & A and currently has pieces in UMPRUM museum Prague, Czech Republic and the Mobile Museum of ART, Alabama, U.S.A

As Jan Frydrych says: “The road to perfection is a lifelong task”


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