Josette Nahmias

Born in Alexandria Egypt in 1947 Josette Nahmias lived in Rio de Janeiro where she began studying drawing at the age of eight. In 1962 Josette entered the institute of fine arts of Rio de Janeiro with simultaneous studies in classes at the Atelier under the direction of the artist and psychologist Mary Lourdes Novaes.

Josette was selected in 1964 by a professional body of painters and artists who participated in the selection process for the national salon of modern art of Rio de Janeiro, one of her works would be presented and exhibited for a collective exhibition for “Best works”. The following year Josette was awarded a youth scholarship where she broadened her studies at the Kentwood Institute in Michigan (USA) there she participated in collective exhibitions and an individual show was awarded to her. Josette had an honorable mention in the contest for “Young painter of the year”. In November that year Josette’s work was shown in a collective exhibition at gallery Guinard in Rio and also her fine arts at the Palace of Culture for the Ministry of Education and Science of Brazil.

After finishing her studies of fine art Josette was invited once again to the Palace of culture where she participated in an important collective exhibition. 1968 bought Josette to exhibit at Gallery Irlandini in Rio de Janeiro, in the spring of that year she had created over a hundred designs for tapestries where her work was highly acclaimed, she returned again the following year to Gallery Irlandini to be part of a collective art show and also an Individual exhibition followed.

In 1970 Josette moved to Spain setting up her residence in Madrid where she exhibited her works at Casa Del Cordón Vitoria. Josette went on to exhibit in Valladolid at Gallery Caja de Ahorros which was coinciding with the Ibero-American connection and once again in the same year she was invited to participate in an individual show in Rome and one in Madrid too. In the last twenty years there have been many more exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA and her work has been displayed and sold in many private collections.

Josette now lives and works in Marbella…


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