Luis Agulló

Spanish artist Luis Agulló was a former Ferrari Concept Car designer. In 2005 Luis won the inter-national design competition "Ferrari, New Concepts of the Myth".

After a while Luis took part in the creation of the new "Ferrari Style Center" in Maranello Italy and designed a number of prototypes for the Ferrari prestigious brand.

Since 2007 Luis has been focused on his artistic exploration and in developing art and sculpture using wooden pallets and that was his base medium throughout his early works.

His most graphic pieces inspire involvement of the spectator in the creative process.

As the artist deconstructs the original image onto the pallet, it is one's own subconscious who completes the image via the visual continuity of the lineal form. Without a spectator, the piece is incomplete.

Luis´s pieces acquire great depth with each placement of the planks upon the pallets. The over-sized and scaled formats both at first create confusion and visual strength in singular moments.

Currently, he combines wood and traditional canvas media or cotton paper, as well as working with more sophisticated materials and techniques such as aluminum and laser cutting as in The NUDOS Collection of wall sculptures.


“Skylines” artworks represent the bond between two opposite worlds that coexist together and support each other: Urban art and architecture.

The first one is represented by the sprayed background (commonly known as graffiti) and is the consequence of an artistic boost of energy with an immediate result on any urban base available.

On the other side, precisely executed lines represent architecture which is a result of a long-meditated project, many years of work and highly accurate engineering.

Luis Agulló has exhibited in many international exhibitions and galleries, his work is also in private collections throughout the world.


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