Lukasz Opalinski

Lukasz Opalinski, designer whose masterpiece “Indulgence” draws on the power and unexpected wonder of all forms of nature. “Indulgence” is a rhythmic and literary sculptural piece, both functional and decorative, addressing the elegance of past design, combined with Opalinski’s own exacting standards of workmanship and craftsmanship and indeed his very contemporary vision. The piece, a paean to the power of nature and a unifier of the natural elements, masquerades as organic, sacred lily pads to some and by turns, to others, organic elements within the body.

“Indulgence” chaise longue sculpture is available in aluminimum, bronze or coated in solid silver. Upholstered covers are also available to the client’s specification in leather, silk and lamb’s wool.

Lukasz Opalinski was born in 1979 in the small Polish town of Glowno, which is renowned for its long tradition of engineering and textiles. Lukasz is the only child of Waldemar, a retired welder and Barbara a seamstress and dress designer.

Lukasz attended the ZSM academy in Kluczbork where he studied physics, technical illustration and design technologies and developed skills in the fabrication of wood, metal and plastic. It was during this period that he also developed his passion for furniture design and built a portfolio of innovative ideas and exciting conceptual ideas and now includes Super yachts.


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