Marife Nuñez

"Art for me is an expression of the soul and the subconscious," says Marifé Nuñez who was born in Cordoba, brought up in Belgium and left her law studies for the world of graphic design and public relations. Her artwork has infinite facets. They are talking about emotions, thoughts and states of mind as well as referring to tangible facts and circumstances and pretend to convey certain messages. They invite the viewer to become aware of the problems of our times instead of closing their eyes to what concerns us all. "The worst is not injustice. What's worse is the fact that we have become accustomed, "says Marife.

Marife Nuñez places the human beings at the center and thanks to her fairly sophisticated technique she is capable to represent them in all their complexity. To take account of the complex nature of her personalities, she seems to facets the larger than life portraits before the eyes of the beholder, stripping the image gradually until she gets to their essence, their being.

The creation process however, is reciprocal. Technically seen, Nuñez works are collages based on photographs taken and digitized by the artist herself and printed directly on aluminum, wood or acrylic glass. Then she paints over with acrylic or oil colors. Her solid knowledge of photography, graphic design and artistic painting helps her to combine and apply colors and transparencies very effectively and to achieve unusual and extremely attractive results.

However, she would not want to always be linked to her current style. "I am constantly looking for new experiences and concepts of beauty and harmony, although I show ugly things and reprehensible situations. I want to work freely and to react spontaneously to new ideas. For me it is very important to experiment, to evolve and to improve, because in my opinion, art should be in constant motion”, emphasizes Marifé. In this context, she refers to the German Expressionists, whom she always has admired. From there it would not be far to abstraction, she says, and her most recent works are good examples.

Marifé Nuñez has created an impressive series of portraits, namely females. They are her sublime contribution to the fight for equality. "It angers me a lot that women in this world still has not found the space they deserve."

In some of her pictures, she uses photos from the present, in others she cuts off classic portraits and adds symbols and metaphors of contemporary relevance. Thus, she reinterprets Frida Kahlo, Gauguin’s Tahitian Women, Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring and much more.


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