Michelle Rose Key

Michelle Rose Key is a sculptor and an artist. She holds a Master’s degree in Fine Art, which she obtained at Rhodes University in South Africa.

Michelle was born in Kenya in 1964. She has lived most of her life in Africa, and Australia.

After Michelle married her husband, they created and operated a Wine Estate in the Western Cape and had two children. She first started experimenting with sculpture and painting there.

They then set about amalgamating several sheep and goat farms in South Africa to create a large game farm and here she painted the game and made several large Bronzes of the animals on this farm including Rhino’s and Buffalo.

Michelle also went on to create large public sculptures on commission for a Wine Estate, schools and the horse racing community before leaving Africa for Australia.

In Australia Michelle concentrated on painting, where she won awards in competitions she entered and has exhibited her works in leading galleries Michelle’s style is soft, fluid, feminine and pleasing on the eye.

Michelle Key now lives and paints in the south of Spain.


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