Mike Shorer

Jeweller to the Stars

Mikes family have been associated with the jewellery trade for over 250 years and he started making jewellery when he was eleven years old. With the help of his mother, an accomplished artist who taught him how to get his ideas on to paper and his father who taught him various metalworking techniques, Mike has been letting his imagination run around ever since. He trained at the Sir John Cass School of Art, managed High Street jewellers and has run the workshops at Theo Fennell in the Fulham Road. Mike started his own business in 1990 in Essex and moved to Seaford in 1995.

Attention to detail and quality of finish is of paramount importance to Mike. He designs and manufacture to the clients’ budget, whether it’s a corporate or private job, a one-off or mass production.

Because Mike Shorer has a background in traditional diamond mounting as well as silversmithing, he can offer a greater selection of materials, gems and techniques than any other business outside the West End of London. He has been extremely fortunate over the years to have made pieces for Theo Fennell, Lord Snowdon, The Silver Trust and major sports events.

Many of the customers he has made for include items for The Royal Family, Rock and Rollers and Film Stars but discretion is total… Mike is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths.

Benezra art-investments hope a potential client would choose his services in preference to a competitor because they can be assured of work to ‘Harrods quality’ whilst meeting a stipulated budget. His pieces have been described as heirlooms for the future and some of the bespoke trophies are becoming collector’s items too.

Mike was incredibly lucky to have been taught by remarkable craftsmen and women and allowed to experiment with both historic and futuristic techniques and materials. He feels very aware that although his family have been in this trade for over seven generations, he is on a life-long learning curve and the most gratifying thing is to see the client’s face light up when they open the box...