Phillip Jay


With a formal art education and a creative career spanning over four decades, Phillip began his working life in the Music Industry where over the course of several years he was involved in the success of several chart topping artists.

He later went on to work with many international organisations, designing, creating and producing innovative and original imagery and advertising media for many well-known brands. Counted amongst these organisations is Playboy, for whom Phillip has filmed and produced several television shows featuring some of the World’s most beautiful women. He has also produced programmes for Granada Television and Channel 5 in the UK as well as many other International broadcasters.

Today, Phillip is focused on creating contemporary artworks which draw on his skills and experiences gained across a wide range of media and disciplines including painting, photography, digital darkroom techniques, 3D modelling and advanced image manipulation. His current works include a series of monochromatic, photorealistic creations entitled ‘imagined Reality’. This series explores contemporary dance and the sinuous muscularity of its highly talented performers and was created by Phillip using a range of highly advanced digital media techniques.

Certain of Phillip’s latest Pieces also reflect topical and social issues surrounding the LGBT communities. An exciting series entitled ‘Shades of…’ attempts to demonstrate an affection and love for all people regardless of their sexual orientation, their religious persuasion or the colour of their skin. After all, in the words of Phillip Jay; “We are all painted by the colourful and exciting shades of humanity”.

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