Rock Box

By Phil Wainman

Phil Wainman is a legend in British pop history. As a drummer, writer, producer and manager he has helped to shape modern music, working with the likes of Procal Harum, Jimmy Cliff, Boom Town Rats, The Sweet, Bay City Rollers, Mud and many more. Phil now extends his creative talent to honor the band’s which inspired him and a generation of youth, and shaped modern popular culture.

The Rock Box Series is Phil’s new venture: a snap shot of authenticity – miniature replicas of a band’s musical stage line up shrunk into elegant glass boxes. A highly sought after hand-made collectable for those with a passion for Rock n’ Roll history.

The limited edition collection starts with legendary band such as The Beatles. Each box will be numbered and limited, some may ask: But is it art? Yes, this type of music memorabilia can be beautifully displayed in one’s living room, bedroom, study, office, boardroom, studio, wherever. It embellishes the room with a sense of style and pride, like a painting, It is an artistic expression of nostalgia of the Golden Age that lives in millions of hearts.

Since the age of fifteen, Phil has been on a musical journey, touring as a drummer. But what most people do not know, is that Phil’s creativity extends to model making; in his youth building and constructing large scale motorized model airplanes, boats and cars (which is why he personally built and crafted the Rock Box .He is much more than the stereotypical rock band rebel without a cause. He’s a Husband, a Father, Grandfather and Entrepreneur.

Two prototypes of the standard Rock Box Series have been purchased by the Thyssen Museum in Madrid Spain and featured in their Pop Art section September 2014, then it will becomes part of their permanent collection.

NB 1: Based on the “GIG” at the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 Size: 60 x 35 x 36cm
NB 2: The Beatles rock box has also been created in sterling silver and serious enquiries are welcome.

Price: POA  (please contact us for more information)


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