Rogério Timóteo

Rogerio became interested in art in the early days when he studied under Mestre Anjos for five years. At this time his horizons opened to the world of sculpting. Reinforcing that process Rogerio enrolled in the study of “New Marble Technologies” at Vila Viçosa and also studied drawing in Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes in Lisbon.

Rogerio was born in a region where extraction and transformation of marble had a strong presence in the area, so naturally it became his preferred medium to be a professional sculptor. Over the years Rogerio also worked with new materials and techniques, such as bronze and more recently resin.

During his childhood and growing up he absorbed the quality of marble, its hardness, its strength and its nobility and he came to understand the characteristics of its geological formation. Rogerio visualized the various steps in the process of turning a hard, heavy, shapeless block into a work of art. He learned the secrets of marble from professional craftsman where he engaged in the details of technique, and above all he learned to respect the beauty of marble in its natural form.

Rogerio Timoteo works have been displayed in 33 solo exhibitions around the globe and in more than 200 collective art shows in Europe, USA Canada and Australia. His works are held in high esteem in private collections around the world.

Over the years Rogerio has been commissioned to produce over 30 monumental sculptures designed for public spaces in his home country of Portugal.


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