Sara FitzGerald

Sara has been painting for over twenty-five years and has exhibited her work in London, Athens, and Cape Town, Gibraltar and Spain as well as many small private exhibitions all over the world.

When Sara was in her early twenties she spent some time in Australia and was very inspired by the Aboriginal art she saw while she spent time there. She has always been interested in design and pattern as well as use of colour and also loves the idea that the world is made up of molecules which inspires her to use pointillism in much of her work to illustrate this. Sara paints mostly with acrylics but also uses other mediums in her work, putting a great deal of detail in to everything she does and is meticulous in her final creation.

As Sara says “Art for me expresses that which cannot always be spoken. It both challenges and soothes. Such absolute diversity gives us all permission to create in our own way. For me painting is a love affair that I have with each and every canvas I have the honour to paint”


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